Creating Treasury Swap

This page will show you how to create a new swap on Hedgey

Step 1: Visit this Treasury Swap App at, connect your wallet and select the network you will be using.

NOTE: For Safe App users click "View on Safe" (see below) to use Hedgey through your Safe App.

Step 2: Now that you are connected, click the "Create a Treasury Swap" button.

Step 3: Create your swap

  • Select your token from the dropdown or add the contract address

  • Enter the token amount you are swapping

  • Select token you want to receive from the dropdown or add the contract address

  • Enter amount for the token you want to receive

  • Enter the wallet address that you are swapping tokens with (Wallet Address)

Step 4: If your swap has a lock, enter the date that the tokens will unlock. Here you have a choice to make your swap non-transferable by simply switching the toggle on.

If enabled, both the token you are swapping and the token you are receiving will have the same lockup period.

Step 5: Review, Approve and Execute

Step 6: Now you've created your treasury swap, you can share the swap link with the second party by clicking the copy link. You also have the option to cancel the swap, if needed. You can also share the docs on completing a Treasury Swap using this link.

Once the second party completes the deal, your treasury swap will be moved to the Historical swaps section for your records. You can view the swap details by clicking View details.

Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out on our dedicated Telegram support channel.

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