๐Ÿช‚Token Claims

The Hedgey claims product allows founders, project teams, investors, and advisors to review, analyze and claim their tokens. You can create a token claim page, whitelist 50k+ recipients, and control how claimed tokens released using streams, time-locks, clawbacks, & more.

Set up a basic claim, stream claimed tokens over time, or issue locked and revocable claims.

Hedgey Claims is built on the Hedgey core smart contracts. This enables you to create a token claim for thousands of recipients while having greater control over when claimed tokens unlock and even add the ability to clawback unstreamed tokens claimed by bots and airdrop farmers discovered post-claim.

Whitelist up to 100,000 recipients and generate a unique Merkle tree based claim page.

Upload a CSV file with your whitelisted recipient list and Hedgey generates a Merkle tree based claim capable of handling unlimited recipients. It costs pennies on L2s to create.

Share a custom claim page or connect to your own.

Once your claim is live, you'll generate a custom link where recipients can claim their tokens. If you're building your own interface, Hedgey's contracts can feed into that experience seamlessly.

Track and manage your claim from a single dashboard.

Hedgey Claims comes loaded with the dashboard you need see how many people have claimed, how many tokens have been claimed, and other core events related to your token claim.

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