Vesting Plans

Token vesting lets onchain teams issue vesting token plans to their team members. These vesting plans mirror traditional vesting in that they may include cliffs, backdated start dates, and flexible vesting schedules. Additionally, they are fully onchain, revocable by the issuer/administrator, and built for the specific needs of onchain teams.
The Hedgey vesting plans solution is free to create and free to access/manage for both the issuers and recipients via our token vesting platform.
Key features:
  • Linear and periodic unlock strategies
    • linear - tokens unlock lineary every second
    • periodic - unlock period can be monthly, yearly or custom set
  • Optional onchain governance voting and delegation rights
    • the same governance abilities for organizations that use snapshot via our custom snapshot strategies
  • Customizable cliff dates, vesting schedules and start dates, including backdating
  • Governance rights to vesting tokens so employees can participate in governance
  • Optional admin feature to transfer vesting plans on recipients behalf (can be turned off by recipient)
  • Vesting plans can be easily delegated fully or partially to multiple addresses
  • Beneficiaries are able to claim at their discretion (either in full or partial amounts)
  • Contracts are fully onchain. Even without Hedgey UIs all parties can fully interact with their vesting plans.
  • Supported networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Base, Mantle, Harmony, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Celo, Boba, Arbitrum One, Optimism, EVMOS, Binance Smart Chain, zkSync and OkEx Chain (OEC)
  • Supported tokens: Any standard ERC20, that does not include a Burn or Tax per transaction.
  • GitHub code, audit, and technical documentation found here​