Segmenting Plans

Segmenting an Investor Lockup on the Hedgey App

Investor Lockups have a special function where the lockup plan can be segmented into chunks. This means that a 100k token plan could be segmented into two chunks of 40k and 60k, both will still maintain the existing same lockup schedule, just each new lockup has its new amount of tokens. You will see them separated into two separate plans on the app, and mechanically it takes a single lockup NFT and creates a new one, transferring the segmented amount to a new NFT and updating the original with the reduced amount. The newly segmented lockup plan (NFT) can now be transferred to an address, or delegated to a new address, or even segmented again. This allows for the investor to perform sub-delegations through segmenting the NFT, or selling chunks of lockups by segmenting and transferring or selling to another party.

To perform a segment first log into the Hedgey App with your gnosis safe, EOA wallet, fireblocks or other.

Going to the Investor Lockups product, you should see your plan or plans. Click on the "More" button all the way on the far right and select the "Segment" option

Then you can choose how much you want to cut your plan into two new chunks of;

This is an example of a lockup plan with 50,000 total tokens, I can input an exact amount or use the slider to select a percentage to segment the plan. The segment size will be what is segmented into the new investor lockup, and the remainder will still be held by the original lockup plan.

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