Token Grants

This page was created to help you understand how Hedgey Token Grants works.
Token grants let DAOs reward contributors, typically in the DAO native token, for specific and timely contributions to the DAO.
Pain points we are addressing
  1. 1.
    Overhead in managing grant programs by the DAO/foundation.
  2. 2.
    Allowing the DAO to distribute DAOs tokens in a way that is more protective than lump sum payments.
The Hedgey Grants platform is 100% free to use, 100% onchain, and secured by Hedgey core contracts which are audited by Consensys Diligence.
Three main benefits of using Hedgey grants
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    Hedgey is a token streaming solution that allows grant issuers to set up one or multiple grants in a single transaction and reduce the management overhead by the foundation while streamlining grant issuance and management for recipients. Both issuers and recipients have feature-complete platforms to track and manage grants.
  2. 2.
    Hedgey also allows for the ability to distribute grants via stream. These grants can be both revocable or non-revocable, pay out in continuous streams(every second) or periodically (weekly, monthly,) and include hyper-customized features in grant creation. New grants cost pennies to create and can be created individually or up to 40 in a single transaction.
  3. 3.
    Hedgey allows grant issuers to optionally create and share public dashboards where an entire grant program can be shared with the broader DAO. Here is a demo public dashboard featuring Arbitrum.
What distinguishes us from other onchain solutions
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    Hedgey Grants can be set as transferable, non-transferable, and transferable-by-admin. Our approach to grants allows DAOs to restrict how grants can move and restrict them from being sold.
  2. 2.
    Hedgey is completely free with no fee switch.
  3. 3.
    Hedgey allows grant issuers to (optionally) add onchain governance rights to locked/vesting token grants. Should issuers want grant recipients to participate in governance with their grants, they will be able to allow it.
Total Cost Hedgey is a 100% free public good. There are no fees and there is no fee switch.
Security Hedgey is audited by Consensys Diligence. We are trusted by incredible orgs like Gitcoin, Celo, IndexCoop, Shapeshift and 50+ other DAOs with over 6000 streams/lockups.
Key Features of hedgey grants
  • Grants can be linear (streaming every second) or periodic (weekly, Monthly)
  • Grants can be revocable (cancel grants) or non-revocable.
  • Grants can be set to transferable, non-transferable, or transferable by admin
  • Grants can include either onchain or snapshot voting rights.
  • Grants can include customizable cliff dates, vesting schedules and start dates, including backdating
  • Beneficiaries are able to claim at their discretion (either in full or partial amounts)
  • Contracts are fully onchain. Even without Hedgey UIs all parties can fully interact with their vesting plans.
  • Safe optimized.
  • Supported networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Base, Mantle, Harmony, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Celo, Boba, Arbitrum One, Optimism, EVMOS, Binance Smart Chain, zkSync and OkEx Chain (OEC)
  • Supported tokens: Any standard ERC20, that does not include a Burn or Tax per transaction.
  • GitHub code, audit, and technical documentation found: here.