๐Ÿ’ปAdding Hedgey Apps as "custom" Safe apps

Details how to add Hedgey apps that might not yet be listed as official apps in your multisig

Most of Hedgey apps are officially supported within various multisig wallets, such as Gnosis Safe and do not need to be added as custom apps - you should be able to find them by searching for Hedgey in the multisig's list of apps.

Some legacy or beta Hedgey apps are either not officially listed in safe stores, or awaiting approval.

For these apps, it's not possible to directly link you to the app from our UI, so you need to add them as "custom" apps within your multisig.

Here's how you can add a custom app to your Gnosis Safe (other multisig wallets likely follow a similar process):

  1. Click on "Apps" in the sidebar

  2. Go to the "My custom apps" tab

  3. Click the "Add custom Safe App" button to open the add modal

  1. Add the URL of the custom app you want to add - The hedgey UI should have provided you with what this is

  1. Once you paste/type the URL in, a preview should appear to let you know you have the correct app

  2. Check the option to agree to use at your own risk

  3. Click "Add" to add this custom safe app to your multisig

  1. Your custom safe app should be available for selection and use

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