Special Features

Investor Lockups have some special functions that are further described here in detail.

Investor lockups contain several features that have not yet been implemented by the Hedgey dApp (as of the time of this writing).

  • Segmenting Plans

    • This function offers the ability for an owner of a lockup plan to segment a single plan into multiple chunks, say a 100k token plan into two segments of 60k and 40k. This is useful for subdelegation and voting, selling locked tokens, and other defi activities.

  • Combining Plans

    • This function offers the ability to recombine two segmented plans back into a single plan.

  • Approving a Delegator for 3rd party Delegation

    • This function offers the ability for an owner of a lockup plan to approve another address to act on its behalf to delegate either a single plan, or all of the plans. This is very useful for investors holding their lockup plans in custody, cold storage or even just in a multi sig wallet, but have a designated individual using an EOA that has authority to Only delegate tokens for the purpose of voting. It separates the financial and governance applications of the lockup plans, allowing for flexibility of teams to separate the duties to financial management and governance & delegation management.

These features can be performed on chain using etherscan temporarily until further dApp development surfaces these functions for end users.

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