Using token claims on Farcaster

/Claimcaster is powered by Hedgey Finance token claim product. It's free to use and the contracts are audited by Consensys Diligence ๐Ÿ‘

Step 1

Go to

Enter the channel name and choose either a fixed number of tokens per user of use a random distribution. This will give you a list of member addresses in the channel (based on the wallet address each member added)

Download the CSV

Step 2

Go to

Click Create a token claim button and create your token claim. - More info on selecting your unlocked claim or streaming claim (Airstream) here.

Step 3

Once your token claim is live you'll have a public link.

Copy the claim ID from the URL e.g. 25b6bf4-ee35-492b-969b-7d0bfc5c2e5a

Share the claimcaster link<Your claim id> (be sure to add your claim ID to this link)

Step 4. Your claim frame is live!

Anyone can check eligibility within the frame and complete the claim on the Hedgey app link embeded into the frame.

Share your frame and comments on the /claimcaster Farcaster channel For more help reach out on Hedgey support on telegram at

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