Creating a Treasury Lockup

In this guide, we will show you how to create and issue new treasury lockups.

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Step 1: Visit Hedgey's App, connect your wallet and select Shimmer network.

Step 2: Now that you are connected, click the "Create a Treasury Lockup" button.

Step 3: Create your treasury lockup

  • Select your token from the dropdown or add the contract address

  • Select your Unlock frequency: linear, periodic or single

  • Select your unlock strategy: linear or periodic (monthly, yearly or custom)

  • Is your lockup transferable? If yes, leave the toggle on. To make non-transferable simply turn the toggle off.

  • For linear unlock frequency choose a lockup period (years/months). Include a cliff within the lockup period or add "0" for no cliff.

  • For periodic unlock frequency choose an unlock period schedule and a lockup period. Include a cliff within your unlock schedule or add "0" for no cliff.

  • Single unlock frequency will be a single date when your team tokens or LP tokens unlock. You will select that date in the final step.

Step 4: Add recipient (can be the wallet you are creating with) and details

  • Add the recipient address (here you have the option to use your own connected wallet), amount of tokens that you are locking, and select a start date. The start date can be backdated or future dated.

    • Note: For single-date unlocks the date field will be for choosing the unlock date of your lockup.

Step 5: Review the details of your treasury lock for details and create!

You now completed creation of your treasury lock up!

  • You can view it in your portfolio

Sharing your Team token lock or LP lock

  • Once you have created a lockup, you can share a public dashboard link with your community that will let your community easily see your lockup. You can find the link on the confirmation page of your treasury lock or from your portfolio.

  • Your portfolio view

  • Recipient public dashboard

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