For Arbitrum Grant Issuers

In this guide, we will show you how to create and issue new token grants.

For real-time support, please feel free to reach out on our dedicated Arbitrum STIP support channel on Telegram. You can access the group here. For an overview video click here.

Step 1) Connect to Hedgey Grants

  • Visit Hedgey at

  • Select the token grants page from the left Nav bar

  • Click the View on Safe link (see image below) to open Hedgey grants Safe App

Step 2) Create new grants

  • Within the Hedgey Grants Safe app, click the Create a Token Grant button. (see Image below)

  • Select ARB from the token drop down, select periodic as the distribution type, and select bi-weekly as the distribution frequency. Add the appropriate amount of weeks and set the cliff to zero.

  • Make sure the revocable grant feature is enabled (see image below)

  • Click the Next: Administration button once this step is completed.

  • On the next stage, you will confirm your admin address. (This will be the address that can revoke and distributed grants and will receive the Arbitrum back once they are revoked. It is defaulted to the issuing multisig and should remain that.)

  • You will have two optional features on this page, allowing governance and allowing the multisig to transfer grants on the recipients behalf. For this program both features will remain disabled.

  • Once you have confirmed details on this page, click the Next: Details button

  • On the next stage, you will add the details of the grant recipients. You can add both single and multiple grant recipients on this step.

  • If adding multiple grant recipients directly on the page, you will enter the recipient address, the total amount of tokens they will receive throughout the duration of their grant, and the start date of the grant. New recipients can be added by clicking the +Add button (see image below)

  • If adding multiple grant recipients from a CSV file, you will need to complete a CSV file beforehand. You can upload the CSV and confirm the details afterwards.

    • Note the three fields are recipient address, Amount of tokens, and vesting start date in a yyyy-mm-dd format. Please confirm your local CSV format follows the appropriate date structure and confirm directly on the app after you upload your CSV.

  • Once you have completed this step, click the Review, Approve, and Distribute button.

  • In this final stage, you will be able to review the full details of your grant distribution and complete the onchain distribution.

  • One you have reReview the details of your grant and confirm they are correct, click the Distribute button

  • For the Safe confirmation step, you will have to approve Hedgey to use Arbitrum, and then complete the transaction.

  • You are live! From here, you can view your grant distributions directly from your Safe, issue new grants, and revoke existing grants.

You are live!

  • Once you distribute your token grants, you will be able to view them in your safe under the Issued Grants section.

  • You can view all of your grants here, or view and revoke grants by clicking into each grant

  • You can give each grant a name or notes that is locally stored on your computer.

  • You can copy a link to the grants dashboard that is optimized to share with the broader Arbitrum DAO.

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