๐Ÿ‘ฏFor Investors who have received locked token allocations via Hedgey

Here is the quick guide to help you: view, track, claim, transfer, and interact with your locked tokens allocated to you on Hedgey by your portfolio company.

As an investor, you have received an allocation of locked tokens distributed to you through the Hedgey Platform. This guide will help you interact with your locked token allocation. Your tokens are locked in the Hedgey escrow contracts and allocated to your wallet using an ERC721. Depending on the parameters defined by your portfolio company, your locked token allocation may be transferable, include onchain or snapshot voting rights, and will be claimable based on the terms of your vesting schedule. If you need support or have questions, feel free to reach out directly on our Support channel, or book a quick 15 minute call with our team. We're always here to help. If you want to read more about Hedgey, start here. Audits by Consensys Diligence. Viewing your locked token allocation.

  • Go to Investor Lockups on the Hedgey App.

  • Connect your wallet to view your locked token allocation. If you are using a Safe Multisig, click the green View on Safe link to open our dedicated Safe App experience.

  • Click View details to open your locked token allocation.

  • If you are using FireBlocks view instructions here.

From this page you can view and interact with your locked token allocation:

  • View your unlock schedule

  • Claim unlocked tokens

  • Transfer the Investor Lockup ERC721 to another wallet. (This will transfer ownership rights/the ability to claim tokens to the receiving wallet)

  • Delegate voting rights for your locked tokens (if enabled)

You are all set! ๐ŸŽ‰ Watch the video below and feel free to reach out or book a call with any additional questions.

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