๐ŸŸ (Celo Specific) Connecting with Celo Terminal

We've created this tutorial to assist you with accessing your vesting plan on Hedgey through Celo Terminal.

To connect to Hedgey with your Celo Terminal, you will be using the built in wallet connect functionality on Celo Terminal and Hedgey.

Steps 1. Log into your Celo Terminal, and make sure you click the "beta" button on the bottom right.

Step 2. Go to the Hedgey app: https://app.hedgey.finance.

Step 3. On Celo Terminal, navigate to the WalletConnect section.

Step 4. Back on the Hedgey app, click the Connect Wallet button in the top left corner.

Step 5. Then choose the Wallet Connect Icon for your connection.

Step 6. Choose 'Celo' when you are prompted by the network selector dropdown, and then click Connect.

Step 7. Copy the connection string from the top right hand corner of the WalletConnect modal.

Step 8. Switch back to Celo Terminal, and paste that into the QRCode section.

Step 9. Click Connect, and then on the next Connect DApp section, click Approve.

Step 10. You can verify now that you are connected to the Hedgey App, going back to it and verifying the correct address in the top left.

You are now connected and can navigate to the Vesting Plans tab and redeem your vested tokens!

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