Overview and details on setting up delegation and voting on your vesting and token locks

Hedgeys Vesting & Lockups allow for two types of governance, on-chain and offchain using an application like Snapshot. The On-chain governance system works natively with governance contracts like Governor Alpha or Bravo, and so can be incorporated without any additional work into those systems.

Decision on Governance

The choice of on-chain vs off-chain governance compatibility is done when making and distributing vesting or lockup plans. When token teams are distributing their tokens, they should be mindful of the choice in on-chain governance, because it cannot be adjust later, except in revoking & reissuing vesting plans. For Lockups this is an immutable decision, and so must be done with care and cannot be adjusted at a later date.

Note: Tokens that do no support delegation and governance natively can only use the off-chain Snapshot when using Hedgeys contracts.

Note: Vesting and Lockup Plans that support On-chain governance, users will always have the ability to participate and delegate, this functionality cannot be turned off. With snapshot, however, you can adjust your snapshot strategy to include or not include token vesting and lockups.

In the next sections we dive into setting up Snapshot strategies, and the mechanics of On-Chain Governance.

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