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Welcome to Hedgey

We're Hedgey. We create financial infrastructure for DAO treasuries. We've worked with amazing treasuries such as Gnosis, Shapeshift, DAOHaus, and more to create the core tooling DAOs use to prosper.
In these docs, you'll find technical documentation for using our protocols, ways to interact with our smart contracts via Gnosis Multi-sig and other smart contract wallets, as well as a general overview of how DAOs use our protocols for core token operations.
Primarily, we create protocols that allow DAOs to execute specific token operations in their treasury. We create UIs to make these interactions simple, as well create detailed documentation for directly interacting with our smart contracts through any multi-sig or other secure wallet. Our current products are aimed at streamlining token operations for treasuries, such as executing DAO-to-DAO token swaps, locked token sales and distributions with investors, and locked token compensation for employees and contributors.
Read on to explore our documentation, protocols, audits and more. If you need resources not shared here, please explore our V1 documentation or reach out directly on our Discord.
Thank you,
The Hedgey team


The Github repo and Audits for Hedgey contracts can be found here.
V1 documentation can be found here.