Executing a Treasury Swap offer you have received

This page will show how you to check for incoming token swap offers and execute those offers on Hedgey.

For links, audits, and additional resources on Treasury Swaps, please visit the Treasury Swap introduction page.

Step 1) View your swap offer and connect your wallet

If you have received an swap offer, the creator may have sent you a unique link. This link will point you to the specific swap deal they have created. Alternatively, you can view received swap deals directly on the Hedgey app at https://app.hedgey.finance/treasury-swaps and connecting to the app using the wallet associated with the swap deal. If you are using a Safe multisig wallet, you can also view the dedicated Safe App by clicking the View on Safe link on the Treasury Swaps page.

Step 2) Verify the swap deal details

As you view the received swap offer, you'll be able to click links within the offer card to verify the token amount and contract address of the token you are swapping for, as well as the token amount and contract address of the token you are swapping. After you confirm this information, click the Complete Swap button to begin the approval process.

Step 3) Complete the OTC swap

During this step you will once again be able to review the terms of the swap, approve the token you are swapping, and complete the swap. When you complete a swap, the token you are receiving is automatically sent to your wallet. You can view your received tokens in your wallet or on the My Swaps page history section.

Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out on our dedicated Telegram support channel.

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