This is Hedgey.

Token infrastructure for onchain teams.
About Hedgey
We are Hedgey. We build token management tools for on-chain teams. Having previously built infrastructure for Gitcoin, Gnosis, and Shapeshift, our team of builders is now focused on democratizing access to top-notch essential tools for onchain organizations. Our core products facilitate on-chain vesting, lockups, distributions, and token management for communities, teams, and investors alike. We support projects from their pre-token stage to unicorn status by offering tailored solutions to address their unique needs. Efficient token management is critical to the success of any blockchain-based project, and we are committed to providing cutting-edge tools to streamline these processes. We are here to empower on-chain teams to focus on their core mission by removing the complexities and challenges of token management, ultimately allowing them to reach their full potential.
Hedgey Core Solutions
  • Vesting Plans
  • Investor Lockups
  • Time locks
  • Treasury swaps
  • Party Round
  • Token planning
Prefer to see what we've built rather than reading about it? We are always glad to hop on a call. Tell us what products/services you are interested in by filling out this form, and we will get back to you in no time! 💕
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