Creating through Gnosis Safe multi-sig

This guide is optimized for the D2D token swaps product through Gnosis Safe. Below you will find a step-by-step user guide.
We've optimized our D2D token swaps product for users of Gnosis Safe. From the product's main page you are able to seamlessly connect to your Gnosis Safe and create and execute a D2D token swap using Hedgey UI.
Best practice suggestion: In preparation for the D2D swap creation, we recommend to have all swap relevant parameters to be written down in a separate document (word doc, spreadsheet, etc) and have that document open for ease of creation.
The information you will need to create a new token swap:
  • Your token address (on the network you will be using)
  • The token address of the token you are swapping for
  • The amount of tokens you are sending
  • The amount of tokens you are receiving
  • The wallet address of the party who will be accepting this deal (can be a Gnosis Multi-sig wallet)
Step 1. Go to the DAO-to-DAO swaps page.
From the Hedgey landing page, open the App and access the D2D token swap page. On the right-hand side of the page click the Use our Safe App button shown below.
Step 2. Clicking Use our Safe App will connect to you to Gnosis Safe and the Hedgey D2D swap within your Gnosis Safe.
Here you have a choice of creating a new Safe or load existing one.
Step 3. Enter a custom token address or select a token from the dropdown menu.
You will be prompted to enter the contract address for the token you’d like to swap. You can choose a token from the dropdown, or add a custom token address to use any token you’d like.
Then, enter the token amount.
Step 4. Enter the token you would like to receive and the token amount. Again, you can choose a token from the dropdown, or add a custom token address to use any token you’d like.
Step 5. Enter the wallet address you are swapping with.
Step 6. Select to lock your token or have them unlocked.
Step 7. Approve the token (first time users only!).
First time users need to "Approve" the token that is being used to distribute. Click approve, and then click confirm when prompted.
Step 8. Initiate the swap. This is an initial step in the swap creation.
Step 9. Submit and Sign.
Step 10. Confirm the swap details.
NOTE: Please make sure to double check the swap details prior to clicking Create Swap Deal

Ta-da! Your token swap deal is created now! 🎉