Distributing Contributor Rewards through the Gnosis Safe App

This guide is optimized for the Contributor Rewards product through Gnosis Safe. Below you will find a step-by-step user guide to distributing contributor rewards.
We've optimized our contributor rewards product for users of Gnosis Safe. From the product's main page you are able to seamlessly connect to your Gnosis Safe and distribute your contributor rewards using Hedgey UI. Below is a step-by-step guide for distribution of contributor rewards through Gnosis Safe using Hedgey UI.
Step 1. Go to the Contributor Rewards page.
From the Hedgey landing page, open the App and access the Contributor Rewards page. On the right-hand side of the contributor rewards page click the Use our Safe App button shown below.
Step 2. Connect to your Gnosis Safe
Connecting your Gnosis Safe will automatically open the Hedgey Contributor Rewards page inside of Gnosis safe
NOTE: If your Gnosis Safe is setup as a multi-sig, for the transaction to be executed all signers would need to sign it.
Step 3. Enter a custom token address or select from a dropdown menu
You will be prompted to enter the contract address for the token you’d like to lock. You can choose a token from the dropdown, or add a custom token address to use any token you’d like.
You also have the option of choosing a token from the dropdown menu.
Step 5. Add recipient(s), amount of tokens and unlock date(s).
Once the contract address is entered, your token symbol will appear. At this step you will enter the amount of tokens you would like to lock in the “Amount of tokens” field, the date you’d like the tokens to be locked until, and the wallet address for the recipient of the "access key" represented by NFT.
You have a choice to "Add" multiple recipients manually or populate it from a CSV file.
Step 6: Approve the "distributing" token (first time users only!).
First time users need to "Approve" the token that is being used to distribute. Click the approve button, and then click Submit in your Gnosis Safe when prompted.
Step 7. Distribute your Contributor Rewards.
You are now getting ready to distribute rewards to your contributors. Simply click the distribute button.
Step 8. See what your recipient would receive.
Step 9. Receive confirmation.
Prior to the final confirmation of your distribution in Gnosis safe, you would receive a confirmation message that has all the details related to this particular token distribution. At this point it is a good idea to go over everything and make sure that all looks good.
If all looks good, go ahead and click "Distribute rewards", Submit the transaction in Gnosis safe and Ta-da! Your contributor rewards distribution is on it's way to your contributor(s)!
Your successful distribution now can be viewed on Gnosis Scan, Etherscan or other networks specific scans.
You are done!
Recipient(s) of your distributed contributor rewards would be able to view their rewards in the Portfolio section of the Hedgey app.